Is MBS Accountancy the “Right Fit” for your Company?

Choosing the right accounting solutions provider and advisory firm is one of the most important decisions you will make for your company.  The right accounting team and Trusted Advisor relationship will give you access to a team that will work “in the trenches” with you to meet challenges head-on, to search for ways to streamline and standardize business processes, “wow” new and existing customers by making it easy to work with your back office, and truly feel like your most critical allies.

It is so often said that business is not personal, but we believe that business is always personal in a closely held company.

A successful and profitable company creates jobs, feeds families, provides products and/or services that improve lives, and also pays suppliers and others who are then able to continue the cycle in their own companies.  Successful companies are able to provide flexible work arrangements, maintain high employee morale, and make a difference.

MBS Accountancy has a proven track record of helping clients create the strategies, infrastructure, and standardized processes needed to run successful, scalable, leading edge companies.

The most successful leaders and managers are well aware that investing in quality services and advice is an investment that pays for itself many times over.  Hiring the right accounting and advisory services firm should include seeking a company that invests in:

•  “Best-of-Breed” technology solutions to ensure that you are able to take advantage of the latest tools and resources available to run your company from anywhere, with “real-time” access to the information you need to make decisions.

•   Hiring the right staff to meet your needs, and then providing ongoing staff training, room for growth, flexibility, and recognition – this helps to ensure long-term employee retention, so that you are not faced with the common problem of “always working with the new person”.

•   Redundant technology practices and resources — all MBS Accountancy staff are equipped to work from home just as they can from our office.  Our phones are answered using the leading VOIP technology, and calls can be transferred to staff in any location.  We maintain redundant types of internet connections, multiple sources of electricity/battery power, and the technology solutions we use are in state-of-the-art locations with the latest in backup and security features.  This means that inclement weather, or other events that would normally shut down a “traditional” office, have not been a factor for our employees or our clients.  If you lose power in your own office or home, but use an iPad or have a laptop with a battery and internet access, you’ll see just how easy it is to stay connected to all of your business information.  We maintain an ongoing commitment to maintaining our infrastructure, so that you can count on us!

A “Right Fit” client of MBS Accountancy is a client who is seeking a true ally and partner when selecting their accounting and advisory firm.  Our clients understand the value of having access to the leading webbased (SaaS) technology solutions that provide them with access to their information from anywhere, in a user-friendly “Dashboard” format.  They also want and rely on the receipt of timely, accurate financial information, including Key Performance Indicator and Critical Success Factor “Snapshots” that provide highlighted information about the company’s ongoing operations, suggestions where opportunities for improvement are noted, and the opportunity to ask for assistance with special projects as they arise.  Our clients understand that in order to hire and retain the talented and dedicated staff that they WANT on their team, we address the ongoing need to provide our staff with excellent compensation and benefit packages, continuing education, access to support and development resources, and access to the technology solutions they need to meet the diverse needs of the clients they serve.  Our “Right Fit” clients realize that they receive a return on their investment that could not be found anywhere else.  Many of our clients have been with us since our first months of operation.

Our most successful clients also understand that we need to receive information in a timely and consistent manner, need to maintain open communication, and need to feel comfortable speaking freely when we feel there are either opportunities or challenges in the company that should be brought to the attention of the owner or management.  As part of our ongoing accounting and advisory services structure, we ask our clients to meet with us by phone, web meeting or video call at least once each month so that we keep in consistent contact and are truly able to work as a team.  Most of our clients speak with us much more frequently, or find it convenient to communicate with us by email.