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Is your accounting partner a disaster waiting to happen?

Technology has enabled innovations and productivity like never before, but hackers and data thieves have kept pace. High-profile breaches have increasingly adorned headlines, serving as a reminder that security matters.

Consider these statistics:

Accounting firms are stewards...

Reliance on vendors and trusted partners is growing as businesses seek to outsource and streamline their business processes. Accounting firms, in particular, hold an enormous responsibility as stewards of financial information for their clients. Weak or absent security measures can lead to disastrous results and leaks of their client’s sensitive financial information.

As outsourcing and third-party collaboration continues to grow as a trend, it’s critical that companies big and small assess whether their accountants are truly trustworthy or a disaster waiting to happen.

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As a CPA and accounting firm leader, it's my goal to inspire those within my industry to regard their profession as more than crunching numbers and preparing tax returns. Our role as accountants is to help companies navigate business challenges in a way that makes financial sense.

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