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Top 5 Reddit accounting threads and accounts

If you’re unfamiliar with Reddit, it’s the self-appointed ‘front page of the internet.’ Daily, millions of users come together to share information, news, and memes about every topic under the sun.

The site draws in 330 million unique users each month, including around 26 million Americans. That’s a huge variety of professions, viewpoints, and opinions buried within threaded discussions and comments.

Fortunately, the main site is split into around 1 million ‘subreddits’ (mini message boards that link off from the homepage). These subreddits allow members to talk about particular topics in one dedicated place.

With 330 million active Reddit users, you can bet plenty of them work in accounting. In fact, Reddit is an excellent place for accountants to connect with other professionals or for non-accountants to learn more about the profession and pick up some free knowledge.

With that in mind, we are sharing our top 5 Reddit accounting communities.

Whether you are a senior accountant, a budding junior, or simply have a passing interest in what we do, there is bound to be something for you on this list!

Top 5 Reddit accounting communities


The description bar for this subreddit reads: ‘primarily for accountants and aspiring accountants to learn about and discuss their career choice. Advice and questions welcome’.

But this seriously undersells the real value of this particular subreddit!

In reality, r/Accounting encompasses all aspects of the accounting profession. Members post questions on everything from dividends to tax, share software recommendations and reviews, and discuss technical accounting queries.

There is a massive community for you to engage with here — over 210,000 members and counting!

The sheer number of active members posting daily means that there is something for everyone, regardless of your level of experience or a particular field of interest. The community also offers plenty of light humor, with the top page of posts often including a few memes and jokes to entertain other members.

For experienced accountants and relative newcomers alike, r/Accounting is the ideal place to start your Reddit accounting interactions.


The description for this subreddit is “a place for questions and discussions of accounting in a business,” which lets you know that r/AccountingDepartment is a much more focused place than the subreddit above.

Don’t let that put you off, though, because what you will find here is the top Reddit accounting community for in-depth discussions on the finer points of all things accounting.

This is the place to visit if you need help with an accounting issue, are looking for feedback, or are in a helpful mood and want to share your expertise with others. Some recent threads include:

This gives you an idea of the type of questions that get asked in this slightly smaller Reddit community (around 3,500 members).


This subreddit is not specific to accountants, but it is absolutely the top Reddit accounting community if you want to stay up to date on accounting jobs, hire accountants for your business, or are looking to start a career in accounting.

It’s not just job ads that this subreddit has to offer, though. There are also dozens of posts seeking advice on career changes, market trends, and upskilling, plus all sorts of surveys and insights gleaned from a community of nearly 150,000 finance professionals.

Members of r/FinancialCareers are generally very helpful and supportive, welcoming new members and happily answering any questions their experience allows them to.

Like r/Accounting, this is a large community that will help to keep you up to date on all of the latest and most important career news in the accounting and finance space.


The groan-inducing description ‘there’s no “accounting” for these memes!’ sets a low bar for humor in this subreddit that, thankfully, the members do not seem to struggle in clearing with the content they post.

With a relatively small number of members (just over 650), this is what you would call an active community. It functions more like a repository of good accounting memes that will give you plenty of ‘Friday afternoon email’ ammo.

Some of our favorites include:

We accountants are well aware of our reputation for not being top of anyone’s list for dinner party guests. After all, who wants to discuss the pros and cons of cash basis vs. accrual basis accounting over scallops and sourdough? Hint: no one (not even us).

But this subreddit goes some way to dispelling that image and shows that accountants like to have fun too. No, really, we do!


Continuing on the lighter side of accounting, r/accountinghumor provides more laughs for your colleagues, whether they are accountants or not.

According to the community’s description, ‘the tax and accounting humor subreddit is dedicated to funny and entertaining jokes, gifs, memes and videos about the accounting profession.’

Not all of the jokes are specific to accounting. For example, this gag about working from home could apply to so many other industries right now! Other themes include frustrations about technology, the stresses of the profession, and dealing with colleagues or clients.

This subreddit is updated regularly with new content so you can always rely on there being something to make you chuckle during your break or take the edge off a hectic day.

If you already have a Reddit account then you can hop on and add these subreddits to your feed right away! And if you don’t have an account already, these communities are a great place to start building a homepage.

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