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1. Get Down(sized).  Obviously, the first remedy for a fuel hog would be to replace your vehicle with one that is more fuel efficient, meaning one featuring a smaller engine or alternative-fuel powertrain such as a hybrid, turbo-diesel, or partial/total electric vehicle.


2. Get Hyper. There is a lifestyle in the automotive world known as “hypermiling,” to eke out as many miles per gallon as possible. Some methods include coasting downhill, using dashboard monitors to track exact fuel usage at various speeds, and more extreme techniques such over-inflating tires and stripping a vehicle of unnecessary (and sometimes necessary) components and parts to reduce weight in order to pinch pennies at the pump.


3. Go Slow. Some of the things drivers can do don’t involve much time, energy, or money and some can be initiated immediately, like, slow down. Excessive use of both gas and brake pedals decrease fuel economy drastically not to mention adding unnecessary wear and tear on components.


4. Maintain your vehicle. It is important to make sure your car is regularly serviced and properly maintained.


5. Take a load off. Also, any parts or accessories you add to your vehicle that add weight or wind drag will decrease fuel economy (rooftop cargo carriers, larger tires and wheels, hood ornaments, etc.).


6. Don’t be idle. Have a habit of idling for extended periods of time at your favorite drive-thru or waiting on the kids in the carpool lane at school? Stop it, literally. Turn off the engine and you will not only save fuel but reduce emissions into the atmosphere.


7. Master efficiency. Plan your drive routes more efficiently and combine trips. Make several two-way trips into one round trip and see the savings on your fuel gauge.


8. Keep it clean. Keep your vehicle clean. Not only will you feel better about driving it but a slippery surface will reduce drag and ultimately save fuel.


9. Keep your cool in check. As with your home energy savings, adjusting the vehicle climate controls can enhance fuel savings there as well. Turn off the air conditioning or defroster when not needed.


10. Use the buddy system. Carpool – we have been hearing this one for quite some time and it still rings true. Going to the buddy system will share fuel costs and maybe cut the perceived and actual drive time by not only being able to use an HOV lane for your commute but conversation during the drive will take your mind off the minutes ticking away (provided you get the right carpool partners).


11. Pump it up, with savings. In addition to these fuel-saving tips there are also ways of saving money right at the pump itself. Many big box retail outlets and grocery stores have fuel stations on the property and offer fuel savings based on some type club or customer membership and give pennies off per gallon based on dollars spent shopping.


12. Why yes, there is an app for that. There are also apps for that. And Websites. GasBuddy.com is a great place to begin to find location-based fuel pricing information and automakers themselves now include the ability to find low fuel prices in your vehicle at the push of a button and then draw out the route for you to get there most efficiently.


Originally posted and shared from: http://bit.ly/1nPg036, by David Goodspeed