As an organizer, I’ve always been trained and encouraged to ask folks to step into the most needed roles. If canvassing in the rain is going to make the difference between winning and losing, then I become more and more confident asking folks to put on a poncho and volunteer their Sunday afternoons.

As a program manager, I’ve had to coach myself to make a different set of asks. These asks are situated to make sure that my program has the necessary tools to hit our goals.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for money. Do you need a projector to be able to run a training? Do you need another staffer to support your team? The only way these needs can be met is if you ask leadership to invest in your work.
  2. Ask for the processes and cross-departmental work that will make your goals attainable. Do you need data or digital back-up? Take it upon yourself to organize cross-departmental working groups (with manager’s approval). Suggest new processes that ensure you get the data and reporting you need and streamline the process for everyone.
  3. Advocate for yourself. Would a training help you do your job better? Do you deserve a raise? Does your staff? Ask for them.

Don’t let unarticulated needs stand between you and your goals.

What hard asks have you made for your programs? How have you gotten what you needed? Share in the comments!