We can’t all be Hemingways, but at least now we can write like him. We’ve all read complicated and jargon-filled copy. Or rather, we’ve skimmed it and stopped reading because of these offenses.

What if there was a program that could flag all these problems ahead of time? A new website called Hemingway App does just that — making your writing bold and clear.

Whether you are writing a marketing email, personal email, one-pager, web copy, or this tip of the day you will find value. The app scans your writing and gives you actionable edits with rationale. (If only the rest of life was this easy.)

When you input your writing, it is analyzed six different ways. It starts by assigning your writing a reading grade (they suggest a tenth grade reading level or below.), then goes to highlight hard to read sentences, use of the passive voice, and complicated phrases.

It’s easy to use. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit hemingwayapp.com
  2. Paste your text
  3. Review all the suggested edits and make your changes

Voilá! You are a lean and mean writing machine.

What are you doing to make your writing more accessible? Share in the comments!