GitHub is like a social network for open-source software developers of all skill levels. At a glance, I can see projects people created, new features they added, and what they favorited.

An earlier tip covered how it is a great resource for code sharing where you can track changes and see a complete history of your work.

When you put all of those features together, you can see why it is an essential resource for tech trainers. Here’s why you should get your students on GitHub:

  • You’ll be able to see their code — whether or not class is currently in session. This is essential when helping students debug their code.
  • Students can share code samples easily by following one another, and have easy access to everyone else’s code. This allows students to see a wide variety of coding styles and different approaches to the same problem.
  • Students get experience with GitHub and begin to build their public portfolios.

Not only is it useful to see what people are creating, but it’s also a great place to browse for interesting projects to participate in, get ideas for new projects of your own, or create a new feature for an existing project.

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