The end of the year brings about plenty of reasons to celebrate. Between the collection of holidays that come at the end of the year and the anticipation of the New Year, it seems like every group of friends, family and co-workers are searching for reasons to get together and spread some holiday cheer.

This year the family at MBS accountancy got together to share in this special time of year at a fun dinner party catered by Mother Mary’s (http://www.mothermarys.com/zgrid/themes/126/portal/index.jsp), a fine Italian restaurant. We had a great time with all of our family and loved ones, including the several new additions to our growing team.


For our 2012 Christmas party we gathered together at the Lo Mac Winery (http://lomacwinery.com/), which is located on Westlawn Avenue in Fresno. The Winery is owned by Eric Engelman, and put together a great evening for us to spend time together as we enjoyed the upcoming holiday season.  We are absolutely thrilled that everyone was able to join us for this event, and send our sincerest thank-you’s to the teams at Mother Mary’s and the Lo Mac Winery for all of their hard work in making our holiday party a great success.

At MBS Accountancy we are looking forward to great things in 2013, all thanks to our wonderful team of dedicated employees. 2012 brought a lot of wonderful opportunities and new team members, and we hope that these positive trends continue long into 2013.


To everyone who was able to join us at our holiday party this year, and to all those who helped in the planning stages of our holiday event, we would like to say a resounding “thank you.” We send out the warmest wishes to all those we have worked with over the past year, and hope everyone has an absolutely splendid New Year.