usoWorld War Two was a trying time for our country. The war was going on in Europe, but was brought close to home in ways that unsettled the very core of American happiness. Men and women young and old lined up to do whatever they could to help the war effort. It was during this time that the United Services Organization, or the USO, was developed. February 4, 1951 was the founding day of the USO, and more than 60 years later the USO exists as a great way to support service men and women who are involved or are a veteran of any form of military service.

The USO was created as a way to bring a sense of home and comfort to the people serving in our Military. To this day, the USO exists as a way that Americans can easily pay back and support military service members with simple donations. In 140 centers across the world, the USO operates mobile canteens that add a touch of comfort to the military lifestyle.

The Creation of USO Day

Thirty years after the formation of the USO, President Richard Nixon addressed the nation and brought awareness to the many great deeds that the organization does for service men and women across the world. In 1971, Nixon made a proclamation declaring that February 4th be thereby known as USO day; a day dedicated to supporting the USO and urging people across the United States to participate in the many activities and fundraisers that the USO organizes.

Nixon made a heartfelt proclamation on behalf of the USO, saying that the USO has consistently been the one to answer the battle cry of the forlorn soldier. As Nixon stated on February 2, 1971, the USO “continues to give an answer to the two questions always on the minds of the young men and women in uniform, Does anyone know I’m here and Does anyone care? Over the years, the USO has continued to give a resounding YES on behalf of all thoughtful Americans.

So this February 4th, take the time to appreciate those who have served or are currently serving. You can contact a local branch of the USO to find out how you can get involved.