For many of us, our mobile device holds the key to our lives. We need our devices to sustainably get through our day.With that being said, mobile phones are complex beasts. They run entire operating systems on more advanced hardware than existed on the first space shuttle. Over time, they tend to get clogged up with extraneous files, junk apps, and other crud. This slows down your user interface and drains battery power.

Luckily, there are a number of helpful apps to keep your phone running at top gear (and your battery charged):

For Android:
• Advanced Task Killer. This app lets you quickly see what apps are running and allows you to shut them down with a click of a button. Running apps that you’re not actively using consumes memory and uses up your battery.

• Clean Master. This app is useful for cleaning out old and unnecessary files from your phone. You’d be surprised at the 10’s of gigabytes of hard drive space that get used up over time, for no good reason.

• BattStatt. Get details stats on how your battery is being used and what apps are the worst culprits.

For iPhone:
• System Activity Monitor. This app is like a all in one diagnostics tool. It lets you know what apps are running, how much RAM is used, how much space is available on your phone for more apps, and much more.

• BatteryMagic. Helps you keep tabs on how your battery is being used. And it identifies how much time is left on your phone for various tasks (from basic calling to playing 3D games).

If you own either of these devices, your life has just become that much easier. These technologically advanced devices rarely last a complete 24 hours. With our mobile devices being our go-to tool for just about everything it is essential available at our fingertips at all times.

Originally shared and posted from: Tim Anderegg, Data and Technology Director at NOI