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How To Calculate The Pass-Through Deduction For 2018

Formally known as the Section 199A deduction, the “pass-through” deduction allows many sole proprietorships, partnerships, S corporations, trusts, or estates to deduct up to 20 percent of their qualified business income. Taxpayers who are eligible can also deduct up...

Don’t Overlook These 5 Business Deductions As You File for 2018

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4-Steps to Choosing the Right Accountant for your Business

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Get Your QuickBooks Ready for your Accountant

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Is it a Requirement for a Small Business to have a CPA?

Accountant Vs. CPA First, it is important to distinguish the difference between a CPA and an Accountant. In general terms, an accountant is a professional who follows specific rules and regulations, including Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAPs), which are...

Streamline Your Business By Trimming Costs & Saving Money

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Small business owners often wear many hats as they juggle the many responsibilities that come with having a new company. If you are constantly inefficiently multitasking with things like payroll, HR demands, customer support and business development, maybe it’s time to consider automating or outsourcing some areas of your business. While many people feel that automating any part of their business will make it seem lifeless and unfeeling to their customers, this is not the case. Currently, there are many automation tools available that can provide excellent feedback to your customers while preserving your image as a friendly and approachable company. Similarly, outsourcing some areas of your business can free up your in-house employees to focus on more effective projects. Process automation and outsourcing can save you time and money while also preserving (and improving) your consumer appeal. If you are having trouble figuring out where to start your automation, don’t worry, this article will outline three common streamlining opportunities.

Manual Data Entry & Verification

Ah, good old manual data entry! Guaranteed to make you wish to fast-forward to the end of your shift. Fortunately for your employees, data entry software makes the job much quicker and less dreadful. While a human eye will always be needed for those less-than-perfect scenarios, data entry software will make the job much easier and efficient. Using software like this, “knowledge workers” are able to focus on more complex work or assist with other areas of support. Outsourcing is also typically a less costly option than paying in-house employees top dollar. It’s usually a better idea to delegate this kind of work to companies who are expertly trained and dedicated to its completion.

Payroll, Accounting & Billing

Gone are the days when poring over a spreadsheet was the only way to ensure accurate calculations and compliance paperwork. Instead, businesses can now either outsource financial services like payroll, accounting and billing support. At MBS Accountancy, we offer bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting services, in addition to CFO and audit consultation. If you prefer to use software like QuickBooks, we are all certified as QuickBooks ProAdvisors and are capable of helping you with the even most complex situations.

Sales Or Customer Support

Many business owners feel that automating or outsourcing their customer service or sales support will degrade their company reputation or reduce the quality of their service. On the contrary, many companies are recognizing that outsourcing their customer service allows them to extend their contact hours for their customer service department, reallocate in-house talent to more profitable activities or endeavors, and improve their company image by decreasing the delay in response time from the customer’s initial contact. Whether it’s a chat, email, or phone-based system that your company has in place, outsourcing customer service or sales support is a definite way to streamline your business.

We Are Your Ally In Business Success

MBS Accountancy offers comprehensive financial services to businesses of all sizes. Our knowledgeable financial experts are ready to assist you with taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, or payroll services. Contact MBS Accountancy today to learn how we can help you achieve business success!



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