Some users don’t realize they can control the order of the columns on a customer report.  It’s important to make your reports appealing for the reader, so it’s nice to be able to customize reports in a way that makes sense.  Here are the steps for doing that.

Open a new transaction report (Reports | Custom Transaction Detail Report).  To move the Name column to the left side of the Num column, place your mouse over the word Name in the name column.  Notice your cursor has changed to a hand.  Hold the left mouse key down and drag the column to the left.  As you get to the diamond between the Date and Num columns, you’ll see a red arrow appear.  Let go of your mouse and the Name column will be on the left side of the Num column.  You can also resize a column by holding your mouse over the diamond between a column until it turns into a cross.  Then press your left mouse key and move the diamond to the left or right to either shrink the column or make it larger.  Don’t forget to memorize your report when you have it just the way you want it.