Connecting hundreds of QuickBooks apps lets you sync QuickBooks with the rest of your business.

9 Ways QuickBooks Apps Can Improve Your Business’ Efficiency

Over 5.6 million businesses use QuickBooks to streamline their business’ accounting. The eye-pleasing interface, streamlined workflows, and powerful automation that QuickBooks provides to these business owners are invaluable, saving them time and money.

While QuickBooks’ core product is great and sufficient for the needs of most businesses, its ability to integrate with other apps is what gives it the scalability required for today’s growing businesses.

What Are QuickBooks Apps?  

At its core, QuickBooks is accounting software that’s designed to streamline your operations and let you focus on growth. The “no-coding-required” integrations allow QuickBooks to connect the other aspects of your business to your accounting workflows, further increasing the efficiency of your business as a whole. When you use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, and combine the accounting power of QuickBooks with the additional capability of QuickBooks Apps, your business indeed becomes a unified productivity machine.

Recently, our friends over at Crazy Egg ranked QuickBooks as the top accounting software available on the market! You can learn more about their findings and methodology here.

How QuickBooks Apps Can Benefit Your Business

Now that we’ve clarified what QuickBooks Apps are, we’ll explain how integrating these apps with your existing QuickBooks workflows can help your business become more productive and successful.

As any good business owner knows, data without context is meaningless. Using QuickBooks Apps provides context to the raw data that flows through your business every day and informs your business decision with actionable insights.

1. Visualize future cash flow projections

Projecting your cash flow is vital to planning your business’ operations or making critical decisions. Apps like Float automate your cash flow forecasting, providing you with automated daily updates to your cash balance that are visual and easy-to-read.  LivePlan, another forecasting app, provides you with real-time updates on your progress in achieving your business most important metrics so you can make intelligent business decisions.

2. Connect customer data to business processes

For business owners who are short on time, always having to look in several different places for information about a client is inefficient. Integrating QuickBooks Apps can unify many parts of your business like sales, marketing, inventory management. For instance, the Method’s CRM app in the QuickBooks App Store lets you integrate your customer’s contact information, past orders, and interaction history within QuickBooks, empowering you and your sales team to provide personalized service to your customers.

3. Bring Square transactions & payments into QuickBooks

Square’s ubiquitous devices let on-the-go merchants or salespeople accept payments easily and securely. Sync with Square syncs data from your Square transactions with QuickBooks, letting you view transaction details, invoice details, and Square processing fees and bank fees. You can learn more about Sync with Square here.

4. Automate expense management and expense reporting

Whether it’s freeing your own time or your employee’s, automation is typically worth its weight in gold. With Receipt Bank, you can track expenses automatically, letting a small business owner or accounting professionals gain an expense reporting overview for specific time periods. This type of accounting software lets you focus on growing your business while your credit card statements are digitized and securely stored. 

Receipt entry is done by taking a picture of the receipt with your phone, then letting Receipt Bank do the rest. Captured receipts are forwarded to a unique email address that Receipt Bank creates for you and the expense data is extracted and made available for exporting as a CSV file or cloud accounting software like QuickBooks.

5. Use to manage bills without paper checks and paper invoices

When it comes to paying your company’s bills, there’s likely nothing more frustrating than dealing with piles of hard-to-track paper invoices and paper checks. scans your company’s bills and routes to an inbox where it’s properly entered, coded, and routed to the appropriate approval parties. For approval workflows, your authorized personnel can approve and pay vendor bills, which are then entered into QuickBooks. has helped our firm automate accounts payable workflows for RCS Fresno, a nonprofit dedicated to ending rape and sexual violence.

6. Pull time tracking information into QuickBooks

Tracking time with TSheets lets you gauge productivity and billable hours for contractors, employees, and freelancers. TSheets lets you pull tracked hours into QuickBooks, letting you easily see who’s working and on which projects. Automating time tracking in this way lets you and your employees save many hours of manual time tracking.

7. Improve your tax planning with Tax Planner Pro

Trying to decipher IRS tax codes and implement the best tax strategy can be overwhelming for a small business owner. Fortunately, Tax Planner Pro makes tax filing with a great tax strategy easy, regardless of your tax knowledge. After you’ve connected your bank account and input other financial data into Tax Planner Pro, you receive a custom tax plan to maximize your tax savings.

8. Move to QuickBooks from another accounting software

Manually importing accounting data from other accounting software can seem daunting. Transaction Pro lets you save hours on manual data entry by letting you move information from Xero or similar software to QuickBooks’ system. This software saves you countless hours moving transactions and records so you check this task off and get back to your day.

9. Make payroll and benefits a breeze with Gusto

As they say on their website, “Gusto makes it easy to onboard, pay, insure, and support your hardworking team”. Giving Gusto access to QuickBooks lets you sync payroll data, streamline employee W-4 form data entry, and more. You can learn more about connecting Gusto to your QuickBooks account here.

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At MBS Accountancy, our ProAdvisors help you get the most out of QuickBooks. Our QuickBooks services offer setup help, QuickBooks review, and consultation to help you harness this powerful accounting software for your business.

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