Happy Halloween! Before you enjoy some wild Halloween parties and candy galore tonight, here’s a brief snapshot of all of the important news updates that occurred in October. We offer these updates so that you are aware of the latest news in the industry. Staying informed helps you avoid problems later.

MBS Accountancy: October Review

Oct 43 Things to Consider When Working With an Accounting FirmDealing with an accountant involves trust. When you’re a business owner, the amount of trust is increased and the element of risk becomes greater. To help you assess the quality of a potential or existing accounting partnership, we provided some guiding questions in the following categories: quality of service, knowledge and expertise, and security and privacy.

Oct 11Don’t Be The Source of a Breach, Protect Your Company’s Data
The necessity of data security measures is becoming more apparent as data breaches are increasingly features in the headlines. In this post, we discussed how to mitigate the risk of your company appearing in the headlines by providing advice regarding social engineering, passwords, and company culture.

Oct 18 Build Trust, Secure Your Data
Ultimately, data security is about trust. Specifically, it’s about building and retaining a relationship of trust with your customers. Continuing our discussion from the previous about cybersecurity, we provided advice regarding device security, network security, and data storage.

California Franchise Tax Board – September’s Highlights

Reminder About Extended Due Dates for Corporations

The Franchise Tax Board reminded us that, for taxable years beginning January 1st, 2016, the due date for a C corporation was moved to the 15th day of the fourth month following the close of the taxable year, while the due date for S corporations (15th day of the 3rd month after the tax year).

Tips For Like-Kind Exchanges

When you exchange real property in California with out-of-state property, you must file FTB 3840 in the year in which that exchange occurs and each subsequent year in which gain or loss is deferred. The Tax Board provided some tips on how to ensure you’re correctly completing this form.

October Updates From The IRS

Oct 9 – In light of the Tax Cuts & Job Act, the IRS issued a post discussing some highlights of how the TCJA will affect small businesses. They specifically mentioned the 20 percent QBI deduction, revisions to depreciation methods and expensing for commercial property, and the new business credit for employers who paid family and medical leave for their employers.

Oct 18 – The IRS announced their revised Publication 1281, entitled Backup Withholding for Missing and Incorrect Name/TIN. This publication features FAQs and other useful information to guide those who need to impose backup withholding.

Oct 19 – To help guide taxpayers regarding the new Opportunity Zone tax incentive, the IRS and the Treasury Department proposed regulations that clarify that almost all capital gains qualify for deferral, as well as providing guidance for property and other aspects. The revisions also provided advice for participation in the Opportunity Zone tax incentive.

Guidance Toward Success

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