Cassidy Jakovickas

Cassidy Jakovickas

Nonprofit Fundraising Apps

Working in the nonprofit sector is incredibly rewarding. The problem is that to do the job right, nonprofits actually need a substantial level of financial support. Income is necessary for nonprofit workers to provide materials, support and services to the demographics that they serve. So, how do nonprofits make it work? How are they able to pay their employees and put together the financial packages necessary to do the job they set out to do? A lot of the pressure falls on fundraising campaigns to provide the necessary financial support that will keep the nonprofit going.

In the age of modern technology, bake sales don’t work to deliver the level of fundraising necessary to keep a nonprofit above water. Many nonprofit organizers are turning to smartphone apps as a means of recruiting volunteer and financial support.

Here is a breakdown of the best nonprofit fundraising apps:

Charity Miles: This is a nonprofit service that encourages average people to donate their energy, as well as their money, to a charity of their choice. Nonprofits can sign up with charity miles and then the app will make donations on the part of the user for every mile they walk, bike or run. Users aren’t required to donate funds out of their own pocket with this application, but the nonprofit receives funding all the same. The app also works like a basic workout app by counting steps and logging miles.

I can live without: This is an app that encourages people to change their lifestyle and find extra money in their budget that they can donate to a charity of their choice. The lifestyle changes are usually very small, like making coffee at home or bringing your lunch to work instead of taking out. The app helps you make small pledges to charity and lets you make minor donations in place of these spending habits.

Check in for good: This app is similar to charity miles in that it doesn’t require users to make direct donations out of their own pocket, but instead through daily actions can encourage donations. This is a check-in app that works together with corporations. Whenever you check-in as present at a business, the company makes a small donation to the charity of your choice. Overtime, these small donations add up.

As a nonprofit, getting involved with one of these apps is a great way to raise public awareness about your organization and build a strong fundraising campaign.

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