Nonprofit Accounting

We understand that nonprofit organizations have unique filing requirements and specialized regulations. MBS Accountancy will help you continue your mission by managing the financial aspects of your organization.
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MBS Accountancy offers a complete accounting and financial management solution for your nonprofit organization, including setup, tax filing, tax exemption reinstatement, and other services. While you are reaching the world with your message, we will make sure your finances are organized and that your organization is in compliance.

Accounting for Non-Profits

Mistakes and errors are costly for any organization. We will maintain your records and manage your finances so you are ready to act when an opportunity presents itself.

Setting Up as a Non-Profit

It is very important to meet all of the IRS regulations when your are setting up your non-profit organization. We can help you keep your investments safe from penalties and costly mistakes.

Tax Returns

Filing as a nonprofit is very different than filing as a profit-driven organization. MBS Accountancy is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of tax filing and avoid excessive penalties.

Tax Exemption Reinstatement

If you organization loses its nonprofit status, you lose many privileges and may gain liability for all taxes and penalties. While it is possible to regain your nonprofit status, it is very time-sensitive and must be completed within 15 months. However, we are able to help you complete the process of reinstatement within about two weeks.

Champion your cause – we’ll handle the rest.

MBS Accountancy offers a comprehensive financial management and accounting solution for your nonprofit organization. Contact us today and learn how we can help you succeed as an organization!

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