Do your funders know?

Your organization depends on its tax exempt status to fulfill its mission. Losing this could cost you funding, and thousands of dollars in taxes, fines, and penalties.
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What does it mean?

Tax exempt organizations are required to file an annual return or notice with the Internal Revenue Service. If the IRS does not receive this form for three consecutive years their non-profit status will be revoked. If this happens you may be disqualified to apply for grants, must inform your donors that their tax contributions are not deductible, and may be personally liable for unpaid taxes.

Am I in trouble?

If you are not tax-exempt you will have to pay taxes on funds received. A non-profit’s unpaid taxes can raise the biggest risk in terms of board members’ liability. The IRS may turn to the board of directors for payment. The good news that if your non-profit has been a do-good organization the IRS will allow for your status to be reinstated from the date you formed, removing the risk of ever being taxable.

How can we help?

We are experts in helping non-profits regain their tax exempt status. We have an internal process that has been created with one goal in mind: reimnstating our clients non-profit status ASAP. Our experience has made us very familiar with ways to expedite the process and avoid many red flags along the way.

What do I need to do?

Contact one of our tax professionals to discuss your specific situation. This initial consultation is FREE of charge, and will provide you a chance to get answers to your questions. Also see our FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the IRS had the wrong address?

Unfortunately, the IRS puts the onus on the tax payer to notify them of address changes.

I am a new board member, this is not my fault.

The organization’s current board is responsible for resolving the tax exempt status. It is often priority #1 for new board members.

Why not jsut do it myself?

This is an option; you can also technically represent yourself in court. However, getting it done right the first time by a professional will save $$$ in the long term, will give you peace of mind, and will get your organization back on its feet sooner.

What happens to my funders?

Once you lose you non-profit status future contributions are not deductible. However, if you are granted retroactive reinstatement, this should not be too much of an issue.

We can get your organization reinstated.

Our team of certified CPAs and accountants are experienced and trained to help nonprofits with taxes and accounting issues. Get in touch with us today!

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