National Kite Month

April is National Kite month as celebrated by kite enthusiasts across the North American Continent. Enthusiasts celebrate the history and the future of what has arguably become the world’s favorite pastime. They let their kites fly during this month dedicated to celebrating the joy and happiness one experiences by letting out the line, feeling your kite catch the wind, and watching it soar high into the heavens.

Why do we do This in April?

April was chosen as National Kite Month due to it being deemed the month that perfectly symbolizes potential, hope and joy. Being the first month of Spring, April is the month when most kite flying enthusiasts will bring their kites out of Winter storage and prepare for a season on the beach, in a windswept meadow, or the wide open field in their local park. April is also the month when snow gives way to greener fields and the hope of the new life of summer; a month when people are eager to get back outdoors and enjoy the more salubrious weather of summer.

The Morro Bay Kite Festival

This year marks the 10th anniversary celebration of the Morro bay Kite Festival, taking place just northeast of Morro Rock an April 23 & 24; Saturday from 11 to 5 and Sunday from 11 to 4. Parking and admission, as always, is FREE! The schedule for this year is as follows:

Saturday Events: 

  • 9:30am, 5K Kite Run ($10 Entry Fee per person) – registration will open soon
  • 11:00am, Kites in the Sky (How many kites can we get in the sky)
  • 12:00pm, Sand Castle Building Contest starts
  • 1:30pm, Judging of Sand Castles
  • 6:00pm, Pro-Kite Flyer Beer & Rib Fundraising Dinner, Tognazzini’s Dockside Restaurant – tickets will be available soon

Sunday Events: 

  • 10:00am, Family Kite Relay
  • 11:00am, Homemade Kite Contest (bring your homemade kite to enter the competitions for Best Dressed Kite the Longest Flyer, and many other categories
  • 12:00pm, Sand Castle Building Contest starts
  • 1:30pm, Judging of Sand Castles

Morro Bay Kite Festival’s Mission

The Morro bay Kite Festival is focused on family and the art of kite flying.

Our goal is to bring families and friends together, and to create a common bond between generations. The place we’ve chosen, with its breathtaking views and wind conditions ideal to kite flying is the perfect place for this type of event.

Our hope for this gathering is to remove the distraction of technology, bringing people closer together through a common, much simpler activity. Everyone can participate, young and old alike find a special joy in holding the string attached to a kite soaring high above in the beautiful Spring sky.

Let us know if you will be there.  The folks at MBS Accountancy Corporation will!