worldYou may have taken accounting or finite math in your college, but most college students graduate with very little practical knowledge of finance in the real world. How can you brush up on what you need to know to survive? Take some time to watch these financial lectures.


Financial happiness, negotiation, and more can be found in these lectures.

  1. Mathematics of Finance: Check out this lecture to explore the mathematics of finance. [Columbia]
  2. Key to Effective Negotiations for Women: Women and men alike can learn effective negotiation tactics from this lecture. [Stanford]
  3. We Don’t Know What Makes Us Happy (But We Think We Do): Get to the root of what really makes you happy, financially and otherwise. [Stanford]
  4. Measuring What Makes Life Worthwhile: Chip Conley explains why success comes from what you count as important. [TED]
  5. Renting vs. Buying a Home: This lecture challenges the notion that it’s always better to buy. [Khan]
  6. Time Value of Money: In this lecture, you’ll learn what the time value of money is. [Scribd]
  7. Money and Banking: Find out why we have money and how banking works in this lecture. [McPhail]
  8. Ponzi Schemes: You’ll see the pitfalls and details of Ponzi schemes in this lecture. [Khan]
  9. Women Without Money: Bankruptcy and Poverty: This panel discussion is all about women moving from welfare to work. [Harvard]
  10. Going for Broke: Middle Class Families: Elizabeth Warren and other financial experts offer a discussion on modern day home economics. [Harvard]
  11. The Lot of the Unemployed: Alan Kreuger talks about the unemployed in the US and other countries. [IAS]
  12. Inflation: Understand how inflation works by checking out this lecture. [PSU]
  13. Paying for College: Rising Cost of Higher Education: Bridget Terry Long and a panel of higher education experts offer a discussion on the rising cost of higher education. [HGSE]
  14. Visualizing Desire: Brian Knutson discusses human desire in financial decisions and more. [Stanford]

Investment & Philanthropy

Watch these lectures to see how you can make your money do more.

  1. Investment Risk: Investment Risk will teach you about uncertainty in investing. [Open U]
  2. Measuring Investment Returns: In this lecture, you’ll learn about investment analysis. [NYU]
  3. Stocks: Understand the stock market from a business perspective with the help of this lecture. [Yale]
  4. You are the Future of Philanthropy: Katherine Fulton discusses practical philanthropy. [TED]
  5. Investment vs. Consumption: In this lecture, you’ll find out the difference between investment and consumption. [Khan]
  6. Investing for the Long Run: David Swensen shares how Yale creates long-term, positive investment returns. [Yale]
  7. Introduction to Bonds: Introduction to Bonds shares what it means to buy a bond. [Khan]
  8. Options Markets: Understand options exchanges with the help of this lecture. [Yale]
  9. Poverty, money — and love: Watch Jessica Jackley’s lecture to learn about the beauty of microloans. [TED]

Credit & Loans

These lectures will help give you an understanding of how loans and credit work.

  1. Payday Loans: Payday Loans discusses how payday lending works. [Khan]
  2. Introduction to Mortgage Loans: You’ll get an understanding of mortgage loans from this lecture. [Khan]
  3. Home Equity Loans: You’ll find a simple example of borrowing from equity in this lecture. [Khan]


It’s never too early to start retirement planning, and these lectures can help you get off to a good start.

  1. Traditional IRAs: Study traditional IRAs in this lecture. [Khan]
  2. What Retirement Means to Me: Paul Solman and other senior economists cover money management and retirement in this lecture. [NewsHour]
  3. Roth IRAs: You can get an understanding of Roth IRAs from this lecture. [Khan]
  4. Introduction to 401(k)s: This lecture will give you an introduction to using 401(k)s. [Khan]

Entrepreneurship & Business

If you plan to start your own business, get some help from these lectures.

  1. Raising Money for a Startup: Watch this lecture to see how you can raise money from an angel investor, with pre-money and post-money valuation. [Khan]
  2. David S. Rose on Pitching to VCs: David Rose discusses how you should prepare before pitching to a venture capitalist. [TED]
  3. Keeping a Financial Focus: This lecture explains why entrepreneurs should be careful not to forget finance in their businesses. [Stanford]
  4. Growing a Business to Fit Your Life: Watch Tom Ehrenfeld’s lecture to learn about starting a business that is great for your life. [NPR]
  5. Entrepreneurs: Then and Now: Guy Kawasaki discusses entrepreneurs making the world a better place. [Stanford]
  6. Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs: Cameron Herold makes the case for starting entrepreneurship early. [TED]
  7. Women and Entrepreneurship: See this lecture about women entrepreneurs and what they run into in contemporary America. [Harvard]
  8. Getting a Seed Round for a VC: Find out how to get Series A funding from a seed venture capitalist by watching this lecture. [Khan]
  9. Get the Business Basics: Mir Imran encourages young entrepreneurs to pick up basic business skills early in their career. [Stanford]
  10. Equity vs. Debts: Watch Equity vs. Debts to find out about all the sources of funding for a business. [Khan]

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