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Our accounting firm lets Merced businesses and not-for-profit organizations hire our professional accountants without adding to payroll expenses or employee benefits costs. From bookkeeping to financial reporting, we handle all aspects of your accounting so you can focus on growth and success.

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The "Gateway To Yosemite"

Located less than two hours from Yosemite National Park and Monterey Bay, the city of Merced sits in the heart of the state of California as the county seat of Merced County. Merced, CA is named after the Merced River, a 145-mile tributary flowing from the Sierra Nevada into the San Joaquin Valley. The city of Merced, California, was incorporated on April 1, 1889, and has since grown to a population of 83,676 residents, according to 2019 U.S. census data.

For decades, visitors and residents to Merced, CA, have enjoyed the city’s local attractions as they stopped off from State Route 59, Route 99, and Route 140. If you’re looking for a place to eat, Merced has numerous options, including J & R Tacos, the California favorite In-N-Out Burger, and H & W Family Drive-In. There’s also the Branding Iron Restaurant and Toni’s Courtyard Cafe as well if you prefer American food with vegetarian options.

If you’re in the mood for excitement and fun, you’ll find many things to do in Merced, CA. Visit the Merced National Wildlife Refuge to see snow geese, sandhill cranes, and other interesting animals. Or, if you’re a wine connoisseur, you can do a double wine tasting at the Vista Ranch. History buffs can travel back in time at the Merced Antique Mall, while outdoor explorers can relax by Lake Yosemite.

If you own a growing business in Merced, CA, and are looking for an accounting solution beyond mere tax preparation of a simple tax return, check out MBS Accountancy. We provide a holistic accounting service offering that allows our accountants to provide strategic business consultation and business strategy while also managing your bookkeeping, tax filings, and other aspects of accounting.

Many business owners search for accountants who can help them with a business tax return or offer professional service, but we believe there’s more to an accountant than this basic level of service. As an outsourced accounting company, we provide our business clients with full-service accounting that includes tax preparation, bookkeeping, access to a licensed and certified public accountant (CPA), and other related services.

Business Accounting In Merced, CA

In 2021, MBS Accountancy was voted by Forbes as one of the best accounting firms in the United States, a significant achievement for our Fresno-based, outsourced accountants. For every company and family-owned business we work with, we provide business consultation, payroll services, full-service accounting, outsourced bookkeeping, and other value-added offerings.


While many small business owners start out doing their bookkeeping, this quickly changes as their company grows, and it's clear they don't have enough time to do it well anymore. Our bookkeepers manage and reconcile your financial records, so your financial statements are always accurate.


When you hire an accountant, it's because you want more than numbers: you want insights. Often, business consulting and good accounting are treated as two distinct sets of skills. At MBS Accountancy, we translate financial statements into practical insights that align with your goals and key performance indicators for financial reporting.

Tax Services

We stay on top of the latest tax laws and help you understand how each update affects your tax planning. Our tax accountants will work with you to do tax preparation during each tax season, compiling all the information needed for accurate tax returns.

CFO Services

When it’s time to make a business move, our virtual (part-time) CFO services make sure it makes financial sense and doesn’t compromise your financial health or future profitability. When you need a CFO in a part-time capacity, our fractional CFO services are ideal for you.

Real Clients, Real Stories From Companies Near Merced, CA

We’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses in Merced, CA, to help streamline and improve their accounting processes. As our online reviews will attest, our accountants have helped them improve their financial health and maintain compliance. Here’s what some of our amazing clients have said about us:

Top Questions About Our Accounting Services In Merced, CA

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our accounting scope or service engagement details. For your convenience, we’ve provided answers to many common questions here. If you have a question about anything that’s not covered below, contact our office, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Should I delegate accounting duties in-house or outsource them?

Hiring in-house accountants requires ongoing management and comes with costs like benefits, training, and payroll. Typically, companies see a greater return on investment (ROI) from outsourcing because they eliminate these numerous employment costs and requirements for additional resources.

What is a full-service accounting firm?

A full-service accounting firm like MBS Accountancy provides you with a comprehensive, integrated view of your company’s financial health & financial performance. Rather than piecing together information from various vendors and partners, full-service accounting provides a holistic lens through which you can assess your company’s performance.

Should I hire an accountant or an accounting firm?

An in-house accountant can provide you with specialized offerings in specific areas, like payroll processing, accounts payable/accounts receivable, or taxes.

On the other hand, accounting firms can offer a wide range of services at a specialist level and manage complex financial tasks on their own, reporting directly to your executive team.

What’s the difference between a CPA firm vs. an accounting firm?

All CPA firms are accounting firms, but not all accounting firms are CPA firms.

CPAs are accounting professionals who have passed stringent tests and met the licensing requirements, including continuing education each year to maintain their licenses.

Additionally, CPAs are legally considered fiduciaries, with the legal duty to act in the best interests of their clients. CPAs can also represent their clients before the IRS if necessary, while non-CPA accounting professionals cannot. CPAs must also follow a strict code of ethics and meet high professional standards related to behavior.

What are the different types of accountants?

It's common for company executives to think that accountants just offer tax services, like tax filing assistance, tax preparation, and tax strategy planning. In reality, though, there are different types of accountants that provide a wide range of services beyond tax preparation.

Here are ten accountant positions that you may come across in your search for the perfect business accountant:

  1. Certified Public Accountant
  2. Chartered Accountant
  3. Forensic Accountant
  4. Auditor
  5. Management Accountant
  6. Cost Accountant
  7. Government accountant
  8. Project Accountant
  9. Investment Accountant
  10. Staff Accountant

How to choose an accountant?

Will you hire an in-house accountant or an outsourced accountant? Do you need one-time tax help or a comprehensive accounting success strategy? These are just some of the questions you'll ask as you look for the perfect accountant for your company. Here are some other questions to ask yourself as you search for the right person:

  • What services do I really need from my accountant?
  • What level of service and attention do I expect from my accountant?
  • Can I do this on my own?
  • Can I do this on my own?

Click here to learn more about choosing the right accountant for your business.

What are the different branches of accounting?

There are several different types of accounting that you'll come across online, like if you're responding to an accounting job alert, for example.

Here are the different branches of accounting that you may come across:

  • Financial accounting: recording and categorizing transactions
  • Cost accounting: allocating resources and managing costs
  • Auditing accounting: a review of financial statements to ensure compliance
  • Managerial accounting: translates accounting data into insights and relays it to the company management team
  • Accounting information systems: concerned with the setup, application, and maintenance of the systems and processes used to accomplish accounting functions
  • Tax accounting: planning tax strategy and preparing tax returns and documents for tax season
  • Forensic accounting: analysis of accounting data for legal cases, disputes, claims resolutions, and fraud
  • Fiduciary accounting: accounting within the context of property management, including estate accounting, trust accounting, and receivership during bankruptcy

Should I use accounting software or an accountant?

This is a common question among small business owners who are evaluating and comparing the cost of hiring a licensed accountant versus purchasing accounting software.

Here are some reasons why you'd use accounting software:

  • Budgeting
  • Repetitive accounting tasks
  • Basic financial reports, usually via a dashboard
  • Annual, once-a-year tax filing assistance

In contrast, here are some reasons why you would choose to hire an accountant:

  • Financial planning that's tailored to your company goals and needs
  • Ongoing tax strategy to reduce long-term tax liability
  • Expert guidance and advice

Which accounting software should I use?

If you've decided that an accounting software product will serve you best at your current stage, you may be having trouble narrowing down your hunt for the right accounting tools.

Here are some tips to make sure you pick the right accounting software:

  • Make sure it's easy to use for you.
  • It offers the features you need and want
  • It integrates with your other software and accounts

In addition, make sure the accounting software you pick also handles your data securely. Data security is one of many reasons why our outsourced accounting professionals use QuickBooks. It offers bank-level encryption and two-factor authentication for all client information so we, and our clients, have peace of mind.

What are some signs of a bad accountant?

This is a common question that company owners have as they look for an accountant to assist them with their company's finances. While many people spend hours in their search for good reviews, there are other ways to determine whether someone is a good accountant:

  • They suggest dishonest ways to save money or falsify data.
  • They're dodging your questions or giving incomplete answers.
  • They promise BIG results before they've even seen your statements.

Click here to learn more of the signs of a dishonest accountant

Which accounting method should I use, cash basis or accrual basis?

Successful accounting requires you to make some decisions that seem confusing or difficult. For example, company owners often look for answers on which accounting method is right for their company's bookkeeping.

There are two accounting methods that you'll come across in your online hunt, cash basis, and accrual basis.

In cash basis accounting, you track payments and expenses at the moment cash is received or paid. In accrual basis accounting, you record bills when they're received and invoices when they're sent, regardless of when payment is made.

The IRS mandates that businesses with over $25 million in revenue use accrual basis accounting. Also, companies that hold stock that is sold directly to customers often use accrual accounting as well.

Click here to learn more about the benefits and differences between cash basis vs. accrual basis accounting.

Can you assist me with resolving my accounting problem?

Prospective accounting clients often ask us if we can help them solve a specific accounting problem. Our answer is usually a big "YES!" because of our extensive experience serving a wide range of clients in various industries, including:

Our diverse experience means we're able to take a broad, big-picture view of accounting and draw on the lessons we've learned from each client to serve all of our accounting clients better.

Because we serve so many industries, we're able to assist our clients with payroll accounting, payroll management, optimize accounts payable management, financial reporting, company performance analysis, and much more through a remote setup.

Our driving goal is for our partnership with you to drive value for your company, whether you're an employer with 100 employees or a staff of 30 people.

How can I make sure my accountant really understands my business?

It's one thing to hire a good accountant. It's another thing to hire a good accountant who understands your business and specific needs. After all, you don't just want to hire an accountant who thinks their job is to be a human calculator that never speaks to you.

Rather, a good accountant values the client relationship and works to provide value whenever possible, whether it's in financial reporting, helping you with resource allocation, offering a suggestion on business insurance, or helping you navigate a tricky financial situation in your personal life that also involves your business.

Good accounting professionals don't see their job as limiting but fulfilling. They go beyond the bare minimum to create and drive revenue up and costs down. Whether they're in a remote position or part of a local accounting team, they're committed to helping each of their clients grow into a profitable company.