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As certified public accountants (CPAs), we are here to help you successfully navigate tax season!
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Tax season can be stressful and confusing for many people. As you search for a missing form or try to figure out how to file an amended tax return, you lose the time available for more enjoyable or productive things. When you hire MBS Accountancy to handle your taxes, you can let us process your tax paperwork for you – leaving you with time to enjoy what matters to you.

The Benefits of Hiring MBS


Step 1Maximum refund

We ensure that you are receiving the maximum refund possible.


Faster Refund

Our streamlined process means that you get your refund quicker.

Low Audit Rate

While refunds are great, nobody wants an unexpected audit. Our familiarity with tax law means that we help you meet all of the applicable IRS requirements.

Claim Your Refund Faster

With decades of experience, we are a trusted tax services provider in California. Don’t stress during tax season, let us help you with your taxes. Contact MBS Accountancy to learn how we can help you with your tax refund!

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