Dental Accountant - Fresno, CA

Need dental accounting? Our dental CPA firm can help you

Looking for the best dental accountant in Fresno, CA? At MBS Accountancy, we handle your accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and financial reporting. This provides you with the insights needed to grow your dental practice in Fresno, CA.

Dental accountants focused on your practice’s growth.

In between caring for patients and juggling your practice’s finances, dentists don’t have much time for strategizing for growth and profitability. At MBS Accountancy, our dental accounting services help you offload the burden of managing your practice’s finances and frees up more time, so you’re free to do what you love.

Dental accounting services for your dental practice finances

Bookkeeping services

Our bookkeepers ensure that every transaction and reconciliation is accurate so you can have confidence in each financial statement.

Prudent tax planning

Our dental CPA firm reduces your tax obligations by planning a tax strategy that maximizes every applicable tax credit and tax deduction.

Business tax services

When it’s time to prepare and file tax returns, schedules, and documents, our team handles it all, so you can focus on your dental practice growth and your patients.

Accounting services

Each dental accountant acts as your dedicated financial expert and provides sound financial insights for your dental practice.

Business advisory

Our dental CPA firm services include advice that blends business advice and financial insights to seize opportunities and reduce risk.

QuickBooks consultation

Our accountants help your dental practice move account data from legacy accounting methods spreadsheets to cloud-based QuickBooks.

Practice valuations

Whether we’re analyzing buying or selling agreements or advising on mergers and acquisitions, our dental CPA firm is at your side with sound financial advice.

Dental Accounting Services From A Top Dental CPA Firm

In 2021 and 2022, we were proud to be voted by Forbes as one of top accounting firms in the United States. Our strong client focus and commitment to evolving as a firm prompted our move to a remote work model amid coronavirus disruption. We’re actively committed to being our best, not just for our clients, but for our staff as well. Whether we’re working on a dental tax planning strategy for your practice or handling your bookkeeping, you’ll receive prompt, personal attention.