Client Spotlight: Delerio Construction, an integral part of Central CA’s building

At MBS Accountancy, we regularly feature some of our most impressive and impactful clients in a Client Spotlight. These spotlights allow us to highlight some of the incredible work our clients do to serve their customers on a regular basis. It also lets us show how we strive to help them serve their markets with dependable, customized accounting services.

This week’s subject of our Client Spotlight? Delerio Construction, one of California’s premier remodeling and construction companies. Let’s learn a little more about Delerio and what makes them so special.

Intro to Delerio Construction

Delerio Construction has been an integral force in the building of the Central Valley region of southern California, the area surrounding Fresno, for the last 12 years. They’ve delivered countless remodels and additions for clients around the area—everything from bathroom and kitchen remodels to room additions, whole-home remodels and pre-fab buildings.

They pride themselves on offering excellent warranties, speedy project completion timetables and financing options that make flexible financing possible for more homeowners and renovation experts.

Based in a company policy of service, respect, and skill, Delerio Construction takes pride in an approach that never cuts corners. And that’s the element of their business that stood out to us most—a dedication to never taking shortcuts to which we at MBS Accountancy can definitely relate.

How We’ve Partnered with Delerio

MBS Accountancy is proud to offer deeply integrated accounting services for Delerio Construction. We help to get their accounting process as streamlined as possible so that they can focus on providing flawless service to their customers. We also ensure clear communication so that they’re always in the loop on their financial situation. This empowers them to make smart business decisions backed by our expertise.

I’ve been working with MBS and Cassidy for about 6 years and have been incredibly pleased with the service, professionalism, and value that I’ve received. I own Delerio Construction business and I have used MBS for everything from tax strategy and advice to bookkeeping and consulting. They incorporate technology to make the process simple and efficient, and the staff is great and easy to work with. I can’t recommend them enough and am sure I’ve found a professional CPA that I can trust for the duration of my business career and beyond. – Gene Delerio


Since partnering with Delerio Construction, we’ve developed a mutual respect and shared appreciation for trustworthiness and diligent practices. We’re proud to partner with each of our clients and provide them with the increased success and peace of mind that comes from having a trusted accountancy firm in their corner.

If you’d like to learn more about how we partner with our clients, please contact us directly to learn more. We can’t wait to talk to you about how you can join our list of clients who trust and depend on us for their accounting needs.

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