Case study

Nonprofit Goes From Insolvent to Solvent With Improved Accounts Payable Visibility


When this nonprofit came to MBS Accountancy, their in-house controller was struggling to balance their core responsibility, including grant acquisition and grant billing, with accounting tasks. Juggling this immense workload caused the controller to make billing errors that eventually resulted in the nonprofit facing an eventual shutdown


We recommended our client accounting services(CAS) to this client and focused on bringing transparency to accounts payable processes. We migrated the client to QuickBooks Online (QBO)and AP software, saving them time and building an audit-ready trail for all AP activities. In addition, we handle tax returns, manage grant allocations and provide outsourced CFO services.



This client has been able to achieve solvency and now has several federal and state funding sources


The migration let this nonprofit have a clear, audit-ready train for AP that prevents fraud.


Out services let ths NPO's staff focus on their core duties, Instead of juggling accounting as well.



  • Billing errors
  • Insolvency & possible shutdown
  • Unbearable staff burden


  • Sustained solvency
  • AP transparency
  • Staff can focus on duties
  • Audit preparedness

"Lots of people think accounting is just about numbers, but it's also aboutthe impact of what we do. Helping this agency turn their story around has been a personal highlight that motivates me to continue doing my best for our clients."

Edie Daly | Accounting Manager

MBS Accountancy


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