Case study

Family-Owned Hotel Company Attracts Investors And Gains Clarity With Accounting And Tax Services


When this company came to us in 2019, it was struggling to track revenue and profitability for the hotel construction, hotel management businesses, and other businesses (LLCs, Partnerships, and S-Corps) managed within its single-entity structure. Having accurate, organized bookkeeping was critical to working with banks to obtain business loans.


We provide monthly and quarterly accounting for its hotels and businesses, manage accounts payable, and provide financial reporting to management staff. We also prepare financial statements for when the client is seeking business loans and funding from investors.


Our year-round tax planning services include tax planning and tax filing services for over 20 hotels and enabled the client to receive the 2020 and 2021 Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) for many of its hotels.

“Because of the work we do for them, this company is able to focus on business strategy and have full confidence in the financial reports it uses during decision-making.

Victor Godinez | Accountant
MBS Accountancy


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