Case study

Bookkeeping Cleanup Improves A Nonprofit's Financial Visibility


Prior to engaging MBS Accountancy, this nonprofit's financial records were unnecessarily complicated, which made it difficult to manage the entity's financial records. External auditors also found it challenging validate financial records and activities. In some cases, audits would be paused or even be left incomplete because the records were in such disarray.


Once this client completed onboarding, we moved their bookkeeping system to cloud accounting software QuickBooks Online (QBO) and cleaned up the client's balance sheet, income statement, and general ledger. In addition, we trained the client on a better method for booking ongoing work so their books would be clean and auditable.



Besides moving them to QBO, we trained this client on how to efficiently perform accounting tasks.


Organized records let this client easily view its financial position at any time and know it's correct.


Because the client's records are easier to review, audits go much smoother - with less stress for all.



  • Disorganized records
  • Difficulty completing audits
  • Bookkeeping was hard to manage


  • Clean, organized records
  • Audit-ready books
  • Improved accounting workflows

"It's easy to overlook the powerful impact that proper organization and efficient workflows can have on accounting functions. But there's no mistake that disorganized books make audits embarrassing and proper record-keeping nearly impossible."

Edie Daly | Accounting Manager

MBS Accountancy


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