With less than six weeks away, there’s still plenty of time to file your taxes, or is there? If you’re not a procrastinator and you’ve already filed, move along, this blog post and infographic isn’t for you. Sorry.

For those of us taxpayers who do procrastinate, we do it for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that we often put off things that seem difficult, opting for much easier tasks. Taxes do intimidate a lot of people and while the average time most of us spend doing taxes on our own can be an astonishing 20+ hours, an experienced Certified Public Account can get it done quickly. At MBS, we’ll sit with you during the whole process and explain everything along the way.

Another reason many of us put off doing their taxes is that we view April 15 each year as being far, far away. Well folks, its not! As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, taxes are due in less than six weeks! Don’t fall victim to this age old mistake. Your mantra for getting your taxe filing done this year should be ‘Carpe Diem,’ or ‘Seize the Day!’ Seize the day now and call MBS to schedule an appointment.

Lastly, many of us believe we’re not going to get a tax refund so why do them in advance? All we can say is that some of those who believe they’re not going to get a refund back, actually do! If you’re in this camp, doing your taxes before April 15 will help ensure that you get your refund back quickly, with a much shorter wait period than if you had submitted your filing on April 15.

Click here for the infographic that inspired this blog post.*


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* Infographic from H&R Block