Insatiable wanderlust has led me to seven different addresses in the past three years.

Most normal people might think that’s excessive, but to a group of campaigners it’s pretty average. And, because of this, I’ve consistently found myself surrounded by coworkers who struggle to answer basic questions about their lives (“What’s your last address? No…? Ok…um, this one?”).

Excessive moving is especially inconvenient when applying to jobs. Questions like “List your addresses for the past 10 years” on a background check easily gets out of control.

So in the name of your future self’s sanity, as you travel the country be intentional about storing relevant data. Using a Google doc, spreadsheet, or other form:

  • Record your home and work addresses as you move. Don’t struggle to trace your steps backwards when you finally get that dream job (or when you have to fill out that nightmarish tax form).
  • Keep a list of contact info for major places where you need to change your address (bank, insurance, family/friends, etc). When you inevitably switch locations, you can now navigate the process with ease.
  • List all the organizations you have worked for and for how long (e.g. Smith Campaign May 2012 – Jan 2013)

How do you track vital information? Share in the comments!

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