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Accounting Memes To Make You Die Laughing

Accountants are often thought of as stoic number-crunchers with a limited sense of humor if any at all. But, talk to anyone at MBS Accountancy and you’ll soon hear a joke or be shown a ton of accounting memes, likely by yours truly. While we’re serious and passionate about providing our clients with professional accounting, I and my coworkers also have enough emotional maturity to laugh about our profession and its stereotypes.

As you read this post, be prepared to catch the sarcasm and duck for high-flying wit. With that out of the way, get ready to for lots of “stop-cuz-my-cheeks-hurt” laughs…

This accounting meme is for those who are interested in a career within accounting, perhaps as an accounting technician. If you’re worried about hard college classes and accounting exams, worry no more! As this meme so eloquently says, accounting is just glorified counting.

You know how we’ve all heard that accounting is the “language of business”? Not according to this accounting meme: it’s just another way to refer to an account. Funny how that works, huh?


You have to love the honesty of this one! Pre-interview jitters are common and understandable, but this person unintentionally sent a confession letter to the hiring manager. Yikes!


Oof! This meme hit hard and brought back my college days with some downright unpleasant professors. If you are an accounting student that has to deal with a grumpy professor, just know that you’re not alone. It will get better – likely once you pass that class.

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Oh, accounting students! Enjoy the challenging classes while you can! Going through tax season IRL (“in real life”, for the unenlightened) is a LOT more challenging, especially when you’re adjusting to remote work and retroactive deadlines like we did in 2020. Like any career worth pursuing, accounting is challenging but rewarding.

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Will the real accountants in the room please stand up? Going through tax season is hectic and rough for tax professionals and their families. I mean, who wants to hear an accountant give tax advice at the dinner table (or in their sleep)? Not that it’s actually happened to me or anything….

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During tax season, Friday doesn’t hold the same euphoric feelings that it does throughout the rest of the year. Even with careful planning for tax season throughout the year, the months during tax season can feel never-ending for tax professionals and accountants.

Source: Reddit

For the uninitiated, ASC 842 is an accounting standard that was published by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), which public and private companies were required to adopt (public companies in 2019, private companies in 2020). Needless to say, dealing with ASC 842 can make for some work-related dreaming.

Source: Reddit

It all starts out so simple, but it never stays that way for long. From finding accounting errors to *just* making sure everything is balanced, the life of an accountant is one long journey from “so simple” to “ohMywhatHaveIStarted”.

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This is one those accounting memes that works for other industries too! Veteran hires have the scars and battle-tested grit of experience while new hires have yet to make their mark. But, new hires often bring fresh ideas to a company, keeping veteran employees on their feet and pushing company innovation forward.

Source: Tumblr

Yep, I can vouch for the truth of this one! Every year, after tax season, accountants all over the world want to crawl into a hole and sleep for a solid two months. At MBS Accountancy, we’ve made an annual tradition of taking much-needed breaks with our families after each tax season.

Source: Reddit

Yep, we sure do “be like that”! Years of balancing books and scouring spreadsheets and financial reports for errors has made me just as comfortable with debits and credits as right and left, sometimes more so.

Source: Reddit

Who knew Thanos had such an appreciation for balance? This is exactly the face that an accountant (like me) would make after spending hours (days?) balancing the books for a client. Now, if I could just perfect The Snap…

Source: Reddit

With all the talk about alternative energy these days, I think a lightbulb like this would be a win-win for everyone. Well, except for the unfortunate, stressed staff at accounting firms….

Source: CrushTheCPAExam

For as much work as we accountants put into balancing records for clients, it’s equally important that we as professionals stay balanced. I’m definitely NOT condoning “robbery while wearing a ski mask” as a viable career option. Stay balanced, my accounting friends…

Halloween accounting memes

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Okay, soooo, I may have done this once or twice for Halloween. But, I promise you that I looked much classier and better-looking than this clown…

Source: LeaseAccelerator

This accounting meme is just one of many gems of accounting humor over at Lease Accelerator. Special thanks to these guys for thinking of these hilarious accounting memes!


I love this twist on the old “tell me who your friends are” saying! It’s definitely true that we are the average of our closest friends.

Source: Reddit

Oh, AutoSave, how you’ve saved my bacon so many times! Especially in the past when I would toil away on client work into the wee hours of the night (*stares off in the distance pondering the old times*).

Source: Reddit

S-O-T-R-U-E!!! Adding yourself to LinkedIn opens the floodgates for automated messages from the ether that all sound like the same person wrote them (hmmm, I wonder….).

Source: Everhour

Why didn’t I think of this? If balancing my books around Christmas time was as easy as putting it on my Santa list, I’d have done it ages ago!

Hope you laughed at these accounting memes!

As anyone at MBS Accountancy will tell you, I love to crack jokes. And, when I’m not telling you jokes, Victor will be spoiling the ending of latest Netflix release for you! All in all, accounting is hard, rewarding work – you just have to remember to laugh every once (or twice or thrice) in a while.

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