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Adorned with nicknames such as “Tuleburg”, “Mudville”, “California’s Sunrise Seaport”, and the “Asparagus Capital of America”, the city of Stockton is a city and county seat in California. As the 13th largest city in California and the 62nd largest city in California, Stockton had a population of 291, 707 people, according to the 2010 United States Census.

Several notable people have made their home in Stockton, California over the years, including the legendary radio disc jockey Ray Newby, mixed martial arts fighters Nick and Nate Diaz and the Stockton Skrap Pack, and NASA astronaut Jose M. Hernandez. In addition to the famous people in Stockton, CA, there are many local attractions like the Bob Hope Theatre, The Haggin Museum, the Stockton Arena, and the Children’s Museum of Stockton.

MBS Accountancy offers professional accounting services to not-for-profit organizations and businesses in Stockton, CA. In 2021, MBS Accountancy was voted as a leading U.S. accounting firm by Forbes because of their sterling reputation and quality of service for agricultural businesses, real estate business, construction clients, legal industries, nonprofit organizations, hotels & restaurants, and churches. If your company is based in Stockton, CA and is in need of outsourced accounting help, we’d love to help you!

MBS Accountancy’s services include accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, and advisory services. Every accountant on our team enjoys helping staff and management individuals interpret financial data, understand the terms and meaning behind their financial reports, or ensure they can lower their tax payments.

Rather than focus on a one-time tax service or financial record clean-up, we prioritize holistic accounting and look at the “big picture” of how we can improve your company’s financial performance overall. For example, we look at how you can claim multiple tax credits, maximize tax deductions, and improve your accounting practices to maintain your profitability for the years ahead.

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MBS Accountancy is one of 2021’s top accounting firms in the United States with years of experience helping companies become and stay profitable. Using prudent accounting, accurate bookkeeping, and sound tax planning and preparation services, our accountants and bookkeepers help businesses based in San Joaquin County achieve their financial goals year after year.


It's common for individuals who're starting their own small business in Stockton, CA to handle the job of bookkeeping. As businesses grow, however, most find that dedicated, professional help is required. Our outsourced bookkeepers sure that every client's finance setup is accurate and reconciled.


Trying to handle every finance job yourself leaves you with little time to translate finance reports into actions. Our accounting team hops on a call or meets with you to discuss any insights they've learned from looking at finance data from the previous month, helping you cut costs or improve profit when possible.

Tax Preparation Services

Whether you're trying to prepare a tax return or want to be updated when an IRS update affects your company in Stockton, CA, our tax services include tax preparation & tax consultation on tax credit savings, offer advice on lowering taxes, and assist with the preparation and compilation of any data and documents for taxes.

CFO Services

When you're planning a critical business move in Stockton, CA, our CPA firm can help you ensure it makes financial sense. Our job within our CFO services is ultimately to drive your profitability up and your Stockton business forward, helping you prepare for long-term success.

QuickBooks Services

For companies based in Stockton, CA, moving from spreadsheets or a legacy accounting system can be difficult. Our QuickBooks services can help your business move from legacy software or spreadsheets to QuickBooks, a cloud accounting software program that stores your financial reports & accounting data in the cloud so you can see it from any device.

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Common Questions About Our Accounting Services For Stockton, CA

We’re happy to answer any sort of questions you may have about the scope or details of our accounting services for businesses in Stockton, CA. For your convenience, we’ve provided answers to many common questions from clients here. If you have a related question about anything that’s not covered below, contact our office near Stockton, CA, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Should I delegate accounting duties in-house or outsource them?

Hiring in-house accountants requires ongoing management and comes with costs related to payroll like benefits and training. Typically, companies in Stockton, CA see a greater return on investment (ROI) from outsourcing because they eliminate these numerous employment costs.

While in-house accountants are fully capable of handling the job of managing your company's finances, an outsourced accounting firm offers third-party review and help that ensures your accounting is always done right.

If you choose a location-independent accounting firm like MBS Accountancy, you'll benefit from the resources and experience of every member of our team. Whether it's helping you understand the terms and applicability of a loan or grant, allocate resources properly, or handle any accounting job or project, MBS Accountancy is a must-have partner for any sort of accounting needs.

What is a full-service accounting firm?

A full-service accounting firm like MBS Accountancy provides you with a comprehensive, integrated view of your Stockton company’s financial health & financial performance. Rather than piecing together information from various vendors and partners, full-service accounting provides a holistic lens through which you can assess your company’s performance.

Instead of handling one job or one aspect of your accounting, a full-service accounting firm will handle any finance-related job, including ensuring each tax return you file is accurate and maximizes any applicable tax credits and tax deductions.

Should I hire an accountant or an accounting firm?

An in-house accountant can provide you with specialized services in specific areas, like payroll processing, accounts payable/accounts receivable, or taxes. Having a company or staff accountant can be great for those who want to cross-train or hire a new employee with accounting experience.

On the other hand, Stockton accounting firms are capable of offering a wide range of services at a specialist level and can manage complex financial tasks on their own, reporting directly to your executive team. An outsourced accounting team like MBS Accountancy offers amazing service quality, based on years of experience, that includes tax preparation, state taxes, federal taxes, project accounting, and other aspects of your business accounting needs.

What’s the difference between a CPA firm vs. a Stockton accounting firm?

All CPA firms are accounting firms, but not all accounting firms are CPA firms. This is important to note, since the job and scope of service will vary based on which type of accounting service you choose. CPAs are accountants who have passed stringent tests and met the licensing requirements, including undergoing continuing education each year to maintain their CPA license. Choosing to hire a certified public accountant will ensure that any accounting job in your company is under the review of a highly qualified, highly experienced professional.

Additionally, CPAs are legally considered to be fiduciaries, with the legal duty to act in the best interests of their clients. CPAs are also able to represent their clients before the IRS if necessary, while non-CPA accountants are not. Certified public accountants are also required to follow a strict code of ethics and meet high professional standards.