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PRESS RELEASE: Cassidy Jakovickas, CPA of Fresno, CA Appointed to Intuit’s Accountant Council

Select Panel Advises on Products and Services that Accountants and Their Clients Want Most             FRESNO, CALIFORNIA – June 4, 2019 –Today, Intuit, Inc (Nasdaq: INTU) announced that Cassidy...

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7 Tech Trends That Are Transforming Careers

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Recently, featured the top 7 tech trends that are transforming careers. When reviewing the list, we found ourselves already utilizing many of the services that are fast becoming the trend.


1.) Mobile Technology

The creation and use of mobile hardware, software and services are on a steep incline this year. Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming go-to replacements for laptops. This means the emergence of a plethora of jobs in mobile development, and more businesses using mobile technology to market and sell their products, collaborate with team members, communicate and innovate.

At MBS Accountancy, we encourage our clients to take their books “on the go” and feature training on such programs as QuickBooks for iPhone and QuickBook Online. 

2.) Cyber Security

More and more businesses are now dependent on utilizing computer systems and machines to save and protect an incredible amount of important data. So, of course this means cyber crimes are on the rise. Because of this increase in criminal activity, careers in cyber security and information forensics are also increasing at a rapid pace.

3.) Social Business

In this digital age where social media seems to rule the world, unsurprisingly, social business enterprise management is also taking over as more companies adopt the use of social software to communicate and engage with staff members. Social search tools are also shaping careers, while more social applications and services are in the process of being developed – making it easier to tap into key consumer metrics.

We recently hired a Marketing Manager, Anthony Ash. Anthony comes to us as a Social Media manager for one of California’s leading progressive non-profits. His experience in engaging audiences bring MBS Accountancy into the forefront of social networking. Anthony will also use his experience to establish and maintain a very exciting Client Satisfaction program (which we think our clients will love!). 

4.) 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

This incredible, revolutionary technology that transmits digital images of physical objects to print tangible products, not only allows companies to manufacture goods more rapidly, but also with fewer costs on the wallet and to the environment. From the increase in printing prosthetic limbs to space shuttle parts to cars, jobs in additive manufacturing are also on the rise in a big way to compensate. Learn more about how we think 3D printing will change the world.

​5.) Big Data and Real-Time Analytics

Big data is large. It’s complex. And big data analysis is on its own level that requires a whole lot of new skill acquisition and training to fully understand it. If you want to be a data scientist, you’ll need to take large data sets, model them and glean the insights to help your company make rapid, critical decisions. If this sounds like a challenge you wish to accept, just know that you need more than a college degree to really grasp it. So, start educating yourself and talk to your superiors about adding additional, ongoing training to stay on top of big data analysis trends.

Both of our partners, Arthur and Cassidy retain the title of The Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP). This Credential is granted exclusively to CPAs who demonstrate considerable expertise in information management and technology assurance through their knowledge, skills and experience.  CITP Credential holders exhibit unique abilities in providing risk assessment, fraud, internal control, audit and/or information management services within their firm.

6.) Cloud Services

Who wouldn’t want to access and swap files from anywhere in the world? It’s no wonder businesses large and small are embracing cloud services. Companies can use the cloud to maintain their software, hardware, computing capacity and more from anywhere they choose. And because this technology has rapidly become one of the highest on-demand IT services, new careers are being created and existing jobs are evolving at a lightning-fast pace.

We are the local leaders of state of the art Cloud Accounting. We empower our clients to regain control over their own books. Cloud Accounting allows clients to have a continuous access to their books 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 7.) Advanced Robotics and Automation

Artificial intelligence technology and voice communications (think Siri), will be taking on some repetitive jobs that human beings are used to doing themselves. And though Siri and her friends will kill some careers, there will be ample opportunities for new jobs in this field when it comes to programming, design, maintenance and installation.