Facebook has made another tweak to their newsfeed algorithm. And this change can help increase the viewership of your posts — all you have to do is tag other pages.

After the recent update, when a post from one Facebook page includes a tag for another Facebook page, it will be shared with the fans of both pages.

What does that mean? If MoveOn posts an image and tags The Daily Show’s Facebook page, the image will be shown to fans of MoveOnand fans of the The Daily Show.

How to Tag Pages

Tagging another organization’s page is easy. Add an “@” sign, and start typing the name of the page. When the page you want appears, click on its name to tag it.

Facebook picture for tagging allies tip

If your allies don’t show up immediately, try adding more characters or “liking” that page with your personal profile.

Where to Tag

This feature can expand your page’s reach, but don’t start tagging other pages indiscriminately. Facebook will modify their algorithms to prevent abuse, and your page could be penalized for constantly taggingBeyoncé in every post.

Tag your allies where it’s appropriate. For example, use a tag if you’re promoting an awesome action from another organization, and be sure to tag if you’re posting another group’s art.

What tactics are you using to increase your reach on Facebook? Share in the comments!